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Sep 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
know about that as someone who lives in downtown manhattan. a lot of us which the iraq war had never happened, but i think had 9/11 not hand, they would have found a way to have the iraq war anyway. you could make the argument that thanks to the work of our troops, and this president, that terrorism has been neutralized more than ever. >> but we don't have hab us corpus now. >> there's that too. for me it is a day that always will remind when people are screaming which side are you on with us or the terrorists. i like to say i'm on the side of anyone who is trying to solve the problems peacefully. >> right. any -- any religion that wants to end violence is fine as long as it's christian. that's your point. >> john: yes as long as it's christian. because violence is okay when my side does it. not religion is responsible hard core right-wing fundamentalists are responsible. >> right. >> john: we see it -- we saw it 11 years ago with the predominantly saudiw terrorists. america was attacked by zero iraqi, and zero afghans. >> yes and the worst attack happened with box cutters. >> john:
Sep 6, 2012 6:00am PDT
one of the last out of iraq. >> yeah, since 2006 we have raised millions of dollars on issues. yeah, i finally got to leave at the very end. >> stephanie: john -- obviously the woman that introduced michelle obama very powerful because the republicans once genuine this issue, and she is like i got one of each. >> to the first lady's credit the first lady and dr. biden have done incredible work to help veterans. the first lady is not a veteran. you know? and she has taken on sort of our issues as her own. and sure dr. biden, has served in iraq his son, they have obviously a very personal connection, but they have done a lot of work just on ptsd research at medical schools and the first lady is going to have a lot of personal connections, because she has dedicated herself to that. >> stephanie: how offended when someone asked mitt romney about his five sons not serving, and he said they are serving a higher purpose trying to get me elected. >> wow. you would get 25,000 people forwarding something around on facebook, and the activists who sign up because they want to fight and talk abo
Sep 17, 2012 6:00am PDT
wasn't iraq. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-12. the phone until toll free. mary from missouri, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: well, hello. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: hold on. >> stephanie: bad time? i'll wait here. >> caller: okay. i'm sorry. i was on hold for a long time. i had to go pee. >> stephanie: thank you for that. go ahead mary. >> caller: too much? welcome back. i wanted to ask what is it with all of the trolls that have i guess nothing better to do than to call you? >> stephanie: i know right? >> caller: i have fox news blocked from my dvr thing. you can't even get that channel if you try to in my house. so i don't get why they waste their time if they don't agree -- if they disagree with everything you say they have their own agenda. do they think they might change my mind if they call in with one of their -- points? >> stephanie: sometimes a few guys have gotten me by sitting on their remote and getting me by accident. they butt dial me essentially. that happens too. >> they end up being somewhat befuddled. >> stephanie: paul ryan. you know what? his for
Sep 13, 2012 6:10am PDT
have that kind of posturing? people die. it's why we went to war in iraq in part. and why you hear republicans in part trying to get us into war with iran and russia. and mitt romney said if you thought it was okay to use bed bath and beyond coverage to get your medicare coverage and you thought you could do without your student loans and the health insurance you needed, but you still wanted romney you cannot afford to have this man in the oval office answering these questions. unfortunately -- and fortunately it seems like people are coming to that conclusion on their own. you have all of your different things, and mitt romney has everything he has ever wanted handed to him on a silver platter. >> john: except the senate and the white house -- >> right but these were all steps along the way. he has sold his soul to the devil to make it so but the sad reality for mitt romney is that the toughest decision he is going to have to make next year is what color of crovot to put on for ballet sports competition, because he is not going to be making any of the decisions he wanted to make i
Sep 7, 2012 6:00am PDT
moment with president obama last night. >> obama: four years ago i promised toen the war in iraq. we did. [ cheers and applause ] . >> obama: i promised to refocus on the terrorist who actually attacked us in 9/11. and we have. in 2014 our longest war will be over. cheer [ applause ] >> obama: a new tower rises above the new york skyline. al-qaeda is on the path to defeat, and osama bin laden is dead. >> stephanie: as we were saying the only empty chair at our convention, osama bin laden's. snap. just great lines last night. john kerry asked osama bin laden if he is better off than he was four years ago. >> i thought john kerry did a great job last night. >> stephanie: absolutely. >> everybody did a great job. >> stephanie: yeah, it was hard to pick highlights. >> i agree with you. and president clinton was amazing. >> stephanie: the man can give a speech. the story of the convention he was ripping for 40% of it. >> i did not know that. he is incredible. what a mind. incredible heart and mind. >> stephanie: the fact that he can present facts with so much charm and humor in a way
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am PDT
already did. they found mwd in iraq. apparently they were found at his house in kenya. >> stephanie: here is mitt romney talking about armageddon caused by obama. dogs and cats living together. >> romney: syria has witnessed the killing of tens of thousands of people. the president of egypt is a member of the muslim brotherhood. our ambassador of libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack. iran is moving toward nuclear weapons capability. we somehow feel we're at the mercy of events rather than shaping events. >> dictating events all over the world. we need to be is have military bases throughout the middle east and when i'm president not only will we be bombing iran -- >> stephanie: i didn't think the world could hate anyone quite as much as george w. bush but romney -- he's already preinsulted the world and he's not even close to being in office. john in las vegas you're on "the stephanie miller show." welcome, john. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i would like to talk about the voter suppression laws the governors are trying to pull. i
Sep 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
osama bin laden to justice, who ended the war in iraq and is ending the war in afghanistan. >> i could have done that! >> this is the president who ended don't ask don't tell so that love of country not love of another determines fitness for service. who made equal pay for equal work the law of the land. >> yeah. >> this is the president who saved the american auto industry from extinction, the american financial industry from self-destruction, the american economy from full-blown depression. who added 4.5 million private sector jobs in the last two and a half years more than in george bush's eight years in office. >> so? >> stephanie: i underspoke. i said three and a half because i'm still drunk. 4.5 million jobs. we're joined now i love this. van jones is sick because he was at the same party as i was at, i think. until 1:00 in the morning. ian kim joins us from rebuild the dream. we're so thrilled you could make it. >> how you doing? >> stephanie: i'm buying he was sick. he was doing a lot of media and parties. i'm sick but i'm here in a baseball cap. >> van doesn't party. he
Sep 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
noncombatants. if you look at the casualties of the u.s., how many men and women died in the iraq and afghanistan wars? multiply that by 90% and see how many people have died. and ask yourself just because they're muslim, just because their skin is brown just because their neighbor or a small minority of them have taken on this kind of violent act of attacking an embassy that's not everybody. that's a few people and if you want to use that as a band-aid excuse over your willingness to go to war then you don't understand what war is. >> john: let me bring up one thing. in fairness to governor romney, he hasn't advocated invading or occupying any countries. he's talking about strategic air strikes on iran which we don't want to see happen. >> who is that going to hurt? 90% women and children. that's my point. >> john: let me bring up president obama. a lot of progressives don't like drone strikes. and we don't like the fact that so many civilians have been killed by the drone strikes. taking a step back, it appears the reality of the situation where we are in history is that this is the
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
mentality that allowed them to invade iraq. >> yeah. >> stephanie: teresa in florida real quick. welcome. >> caller: hi. first of all, i'm from new york the only reason i'm in flori-da is to take care of my mine. >> i go to florida to hear new york accents. >> caller: right. gloria steinman said mitt romney was talking to a group of people and she went to shook this woman's hand and she pulled herring hand away and he said i understand because you are not wearing makeup. >> stephanie: oh! 29 minutes after the hour. it is the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo) jennifer granholm ... >>for every discouraged voter, there are ten angry ones taking action. trickle down does not work. in romney's world, cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy. of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our from silver screens... to flat screens... twizzlerize your entertainment everyday with twizzlers the
Sep 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
for people like mitt romney contributed. >> exactly. and if you support the iraq war and continue to support tax cuts for millionaires you are not allowed to cam plain. >> stephanie: president obama said this. >> obama: my biggest failure as president is not reforming the immigration law. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he pointed out one key difference between him and romney on that subject. >> obama: he would veto the dream act, he is uncertain about what his plan on reform would be, and who considers the arizona law model for the nation, and his main solution is self deportation. >> stephanie: is he trying to back pedal out of that? because he was pretty clear that. >> uh-huh. this president sent national guard troops to the boarder. >> stephanie: somebody asked him about that. >> romney: time and again we're not going to round up 12 million people and have everyone deported. our system isn't to deport that. >> what i meant to say is i was veto the dream act. >> stephanie: he didn't answer the question. >> thank god for univision. all y'all have got to go on line and watch this. i have
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10